Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well I have been sleeping most of my first week of summer vacation. Last Monday I got stung by a bee on my eyebrow. It was soar but fine the first day. Tuesday Morning I woke and couldn't open my eye. So all week I have been living on steroids and Benadryl. Benadryl zonks me right out. My eye is better now.
I'm playing with pinwheels, making a baby blanket. I thought this was nice and summery. Here are a couple of Catnip cat toys.
You will find the link to my Esty store on the left side you can check these out. I put them in my store. My cats went crazy for the first one I made.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Break is finally here!

School ended Thursday! As soon as I was done with my bus route and parked I left with my parents to go to Sumpter for the whole town giant flea market. Here are a few pictures of our booth.

This was my dad's native american side of the booth.

I have had this quilt packed away. It is the first one of Bonnies from her Quiltville free patterns I tried. I made it raggy. I got many compliments on it but no buyers so back into my Esty store it goes. I'm thinking of doing another traditional and in bright colors.
We had enough warning of storm clouds that we were able to pack everything into the trailer before the skies opened up and poured. Half an inch in a hour.

It even rained up on the cabin porch.

The sky was pretty amazing. We did pack it in early due to the storm but we need to anyways, My niece graduated on Sunday from high school so we needed to head back home for that.
I am so happy to be back home today! I have the summer off to sew! Hoping you all have a wonderful Memorial day weekend!