Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back in the world!

I am back! I took a mental health week. I went and visited with my parents. Or rather Mom read my blog and dad came and kidnapped me. The depression has backed off. Mom and I didn't get much sewing done but stayed busy. Thank you for the kind reply's they meant a lot to me.
I did finally finish hand quilting this bright row quilt. I quilted it with a bright pink quilting thread. Only thing left to do is put a label on it and wash it. Mom says it reminds her of one of those giant colorful lolly pop suckers. So thinking about nameing it Circus Lolly pop.
This quilt was inspired by Gwen and Freddy and their parts dept.
I even pieced the back.
This morning my mini schnauzers started barking at the farm workers and got me up quite early. wanted to kill them. So headed out in the yard before it heats up to take pictures. DHubby's garden is loaded with tomatoes but nothing turning red yet. (funny thing he has planted a bunch of heirloom tomatoes but doesn't eat them )
Oooh look what I found two pear tomatoes. Yum!
Took a snap of the pond. So many of the clearance plants are really growing. Accually have some blooms finally showing up on the sweet peas. As hot as it has been I am surprised they are still alive.

I will be blogging about some fun I will be haveing next week. So come back and check it out!