Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two tickets to Paradise

My wonderful Daughter won some tickets to an Eddie Money concert on the Radio and gave them to her old fogy parents. lol I had to get on line to see if I could remember his music. If you have your sound on you can hear a couple of songs of his. We had a great time. The lead guitarist can still play, Eddie himself can really thrill me with the sax still. Dh and I love horns not matter what.
We went down to Boise a little early to visit with my folks before the concert. Mom has been volunteering at a thrift store in the fabric dept. (go figure lol) she is their best customer. She picked up some very interesting fabrics for me too.

This Toile piece below just might make it in the mail to a friend of mine who collects toiles. so if she is reading this she knows. (hee hee)

most of these pieces are from out of the country, England, Africa, china, India ect...

The fabric in the first picture is 100% silk from China. I want to make a pretty pillow for my bed with cording and or rich looking gold fringe. Don't know what I will do with the rest but my creative juices are flowing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunshine and Summer Pinwheel Done!

This is the first completely traditional quilt I have ever pieced, quilted and finished myself. (I have done tons of raggy quilts) I have been so intimidated by machine quilting that I have a bunch of flimsys . Thanks to all the encouragement I have gotten from my followers and on line friends I did it.

I saw this machine quilting pattern on a mini quilt (sorry I can not remember who posted it) on one of the blogs I was surfing.
It was an easy pattern, I am not real straight and perfect as on the mini quilt I saw but that is what adds charm and shows that it was hand made not factory made.
I love the bright colors and it could be a boy quilt.
DH filled up the large stock tank with water and re potted some of the plants from another pond. We want to put cinder blocks around this one then face them with stones.We will put a floating heater in it for winter. DD brought over some polliwogs yesterday to help start the ecosystem before we put in gold fish later this week.
Skys are gorgouse today and it is heating up. We have had almost record breaking rain so far this month. Amazing thunder stroms ( I love them so full of energy) but it is time to see some pretty blue skies. Makes it easyer to take quilt pictures too.