Saturday, June 13, 2009

What do you do when your computer is down?

Internet Explorer 8 update killed our lap top. We ended up putting Firefox on but were down for a while. I got so much stuff done. I made this quilt.It is a raggy but I did some major machine quilting on it and binding on the outside edges.

I made this for my husbands Internet girlfriend. lol Dh has MS and belongs to a support group here on line. One lady on the group has always been the cheerleader, always up and supportive. Sent cards and letters and phoned a few times when my Dh was bad and had to be life flighted. She is an RN and has stayed very active. Went to India last year. Well in the last few weeks she has been sick and just not doing well. So I made her a hug quilt.
Here is Dh examining his garden. While the computer was acting up we went to the store and bought some "sad plants" (50% off clearance plants) and planted them around the ponds. Can't wait till they get growing.
The water lilies in this pond have gone crazy. We have another very large stock tank that we are going to make into another above the ground pond and transplant some of these lilies. Dh wants to catch some small blue gill and/or smaller cat fish to put in the new pond.
I am almost done machine quilting Summer Pinwheel. The batteries in my camera need to be charged so will show pictures later.