Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quilt top put together hmmm

Well I finally got all the parts put together. Hmmm I'm thinking I need to add some kind of border to ground it all. This quilt started with just Liberated stars and grew from there. I did not really have a plan just started makeing parts and put them together.

Getting frustated in the Cave!

It is so pretty out today. Yesterday hit 52 degrees. First t-shirt day of the season. I worked on cleaning mud out of the bus. I will probley get better fuel milage in the school bus now that I washed pounds of mud off the outside and shoveled out pounds of mud and gravel from the inside, and I can see out the windows lol. Too bad weather man says snain (rain snow mix or he isn't sure what) for Monday.

I worked on my quilt top inspired by Collaborative quilting by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston. I can see why two people need to work on this. I am tired of doing all the small parts. lol Or maybe it was Friday and I stayed up too long last night working on it.

Well I need to finish up my computer time find somthing fun to watch on the DVR menu and get back to sewing. I don't EVEN want to look outside at the sunshine. Ta ta for now

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Bright parts made in the Sewing Cave!

I keep adding more parts to this quilt....I told myself I wanted to keep this one small enough to hand quilt with out being buried. hmmm Well I am use these "sawtooth strips to devide the larger blocks. I decided to add a strip of flying geese to add a center line to the quilt.

I started sewing the parts in rows and found I needed to make a couple more liberated stars.

This is Princess servaying her domain, but it isn't her good side. (by the way the HUGE tv that over powers my liveing room is the one we brought home from when we had to close the bar lol)

Ah Here is her good side.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Liberated Star pictures from the Sewing Cave

As promised here are some pictures of the pieces I have been working this weekend. I still plan on doing some pieced strips to go lengthwise between the blocks. I am trying to keep this quilt on the smaller lap size. I would like to do some unique hand quilting with thicker threads.

I really enjoy doing this funky liberated quilting. There is so much freedom to it. If a part is not quite the perfect size or the seam is not completely straight that is ok, adds to the unique look.

Three day weekend over!

Well my three days of sew weekend is over. I am still working on componets for a smaller quilt based on insperation of Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran useing Liberated quilting and BRIGHT colors. Pictures will be comeing later.

Delivered a cute BRIGHT pink fabric bowl full of Valentines brownies to my daughter. They had the grandson for the weekend so got to play with him. Grandpa played intendo with him and lost. lol

Got a call from 20 year old college son. He made it back to college ok inbetween bad weather storms. He spent the weekend vollenteering at Ski Camp for HODIA. (camp for diabetic kids JDF) They had 73 campers and only 17 staff this year. Medical personal was streched pretty thin this year. He thinks it is the economy since the staff has to pay thier own way plus takeing time off work. What a kid! He hasn't missed a year yet since he was old enough to go as a camper himself. He said that this year the kids were pretty healthy no bad low blood sugars or Highs that required IVs. I asked him why he thought that was? Could be new better education on care and/or treatment. Many more kids on the insulin pump? Treatment and diet and thinking about activity and eating has changed so much since he was diognost at age three and I had to sit on him the give him his shots.

Well off to drive the bus for the day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

News from The Cave. Wacky House quilt top finished!

I have been slaveing in the sewing cave trying to finsh this quilt top. It is inspired from a book called Collabrative Quilting by Freddy Moran & Gwen Marston. I love the bright colors. I am not sure when I will get this quilt finished. Right now I am just overwhelmed to back it bat it and pin bast it so it can me quilted. Sssooo I started playing with makeing some components to make another bright quilt. Makeing liberated stars and while I was makeing the quilt I chained in this stack of little blocks. They are all sewn and ready to cut and press into little triangle squares. Stay tuned to find out what I do next!