Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Short note from the Sewing cave

No big news from the cave. I guess that happens when you take on a couple big projects at a time. Still working on letters for the wall quilt and still hand quilting the other bright quilt. Still watching way too much TV.

I was at Walmart today and picked up these pretty bandannas. My eldest child, an almost 23 year old daughter has a condition called alopecia totalis. She lost all her hair while in high school. So she wears hats and bandannas all the time. She works in the CCU of our local hospital and likes to match her bandannas to her scrubs. I saw these and they just screamed her name. She is partial to pink. She does love to take pictures of herself. lol Here is one she took at christmas.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What I'm doing and Not doing in the Sewing Cave

What was I thinking? To hand quilt this?

Next time I decide to hand quilt something again I will make sure it does NOT have so many seams. I haven't hand quilted in along time and my hands are cramping.
So I took a break and started playing with my letters. I finished Awesome (spelled correctly this time lol) and started on The Princess.

I also received a package of Batik Scraps I bought from Getsassed on Etsy. I just love them. It is so dreary here to day so that the pretty colors really draw my eyes.

Then I see that stack of solids I bought Presidents day weekend on sale. Dear Husband washed and dried them for me. Now I should be ironing them.

I also would like to go to JoA's and see about using my weekend coupons on something. We need to go to town and get some wood pellets and DH wants to go look at LAD lights to go under the kitchen cabinets.
The Mini Schnauzers need hair cuts. I need to start the fabric bowls I am making for a St Patties day party Mom is having. All the women in the family are making a craft to give to each other. I bought a three drawer plastic storage dresser and some plastic totes to organize my sewing cave as my fabric stash is over flowing it's storage bins. Dh swears it breeds and multiples after the lights go out. So many things to do and so little time.
Sigh....I think I will play on the computer for a while longer. lol What are you doing today?