Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Now!?

If you get the chance go over to my friends blog She has been working on a quilt to donate to her local American Legion as a fund raiser. She has outdone herself.
I am trying to decide what I was going to do with the crumb blocks. I think I will sash them like this. Just a small amount of black and white for a place to rest your eyes. I organized my sewing Cave and came across a couple of fabrics I forgot I had in the stash. This one below is me in a nut shell. I love the colors and the differnt prints and textures.
I came across this Fat Quarter I bought out of one of those $.99 FQ sale bins. At the time I could not really see the print because it was rolled up. Once I got home and opened it up .... it was kinda wierd.

A lady in different outfits and animals. Some with halos and wings and also the same animal with out. Then I even spotted the lady with wings and halo. hmm

I finally read the title of the fabric on the Salvage "Old Lady and the Fly" Kinda a grim print don't you think lol A lady and dead angel animals. lol Don't know what I would ever use this for.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crumbs are multiplying

Not a lot going on here. Only 3 more Wednesdays till school is out! (Grin) Still sewing crumbs. The quilt is growing on the design wall. Click on it to super size it and see all the details. My Dh (bless him) planted some heirloom tomatoes (don't know why he doesn't eat them) a couple of weeks ago. I told him it was way too early. lol and he cleaned up and cut up some finger potatoes ready to plant. The three old lady goats and ancient sheep happily ate them. lol (goats usually do not eat tomatoes and I told dh to fix the electric fence) I went out last night while he was watering his peas and radishes and tomatoe stumps and asked me how the goat food oh excuses me garden was doing? He gave me a dirty look and told me to go sew. LOL Our dd works part time in the summer for a huge fresh produce stand. We can get almost all the fresh produce we can eat for almost free. lol I grew a garden for years as the little red hen (no help from anyone) Don't know why he wants to garden now?? He did last year too? lol Oh well keeps him out of trouble and feeds the goats. LOL
Tomato stump (hee hee)

He did clean out my ponds ( and yes this pond is a stock water tank I dug a whole in the ground and put it in.)

Here is another pond, it was a kit the family got me 7 or 8 years ago for mother's day. Oh my look at all the weeds.

This cat showed up a week or so ago with the wild yard cats. I heard little mews under an old door. I can't believe she let me get this close. I thought she was wild. well maybe she is one I can tame down enough to get fix. Seems like the ones I get fix disappear or feed themselves to the coyotes. I feed about 20 or so wild cats. We don't have mice or gophers.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Pink Lemonade

Beena Named this quilt for me when I just had the blocks. Pink Lemonade! Thank you! I did not like this quilt as I was making it. Oh I liked the individual blocks but I thought they were so blah on the design wall. I missed them with a charm pack, and other 5" blocks and just couldn't get inspired. When I added these borders I fell in love with it. There was contrast! Pink Lemonade it became. Beena nailed it and put me in mind of the green leaf fabric I had. I am thinking of just putting a pale yellow flannel on the back to quilt this with no batting ( since I have no batting in the house and a pile of flimsy tops yelling at me to finish) As a light weight summer throw I don't really want it to be too heavy.
As soon as I finished that one I was looking at Bonnies and so started playing with crumbs. I never thought of chaining them.

Chaining the crumbs really makes it go so much faster.

Here is my mess and some crumbs chained together. I keep my iron right next to my machine and press right away.

Something totally off topic, I belong to and just received a new Stephen King book. Duma key. I did not even know he had written another book.