Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm back f om summe camp

This is a pictue of the the Sawthooth Mountains. I'm back from summer camp. OOOOh it was wonderful! I have not blogged Right away. When I got back the laptop has some keys not working so could not use my pass wods. "I can fix some words with spell check.
I had so much fun at camp. But it almost killed me, between the altitude, steep hill dirt t ail to my cabin and a hike to the closest bathroom I found I was not in shape at all. lol I will have to lose about a million pounds befoe next June for teen camp. I went to scout camp as a kid and this diabetes camp was so much mo e. The councilos live with the kids. Checking the blood sugas and insulin ect.... My son had 7 boys in his cabin and 3 adults.
I did lea n alot about ciliac desease. Cooking glutton f ee is not as easy as I thought. You have to be so ca ful not to c oss contaminate.
Lake Altu us
This little boy had neve pet a hose befoe
My cabin is to the ight and the dee was just thee
My son in the lepad and his f iend in the bathing suit on costume night.