Friday, March 27, 2009

Sewing retreat with Mom!

Well I'm back from my Two day sewing retreat that turned into three days at my mom's! We banished Dad for those days.
Here was day one chef salads and a couple beers.
Here is what happens when fabric is not contained in the sewing cave.

Now I remember why I like the freedom of liberated quilting. Following instructions is not my thing. So mom read the recipe and I cut.

They are not quilt finished, need a flower and leaves on top and to be filled with bird grit. This little pin cushion piece of cake was NOT a piece of cake to make.

So after following the rules on the cake we decided to play with some new applique patterns by Florine Johnson Designs . This one is Radical Rooster Rowdy. MY mom did this one .

This one is Radical Rooster Rock I did him. Now you know why fabric was scattered everywhere as we were trying to find just the right "feathers" Funny how mom went with the bright colors and I was the one that went with more understated colors.

We also talked and watch TV and went shopping and ate and ate and had a great time. I'm so glad my mom is my best friend.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Churn and Dash and the sewing Cave!

Here are some remnant I bought while shopping with mom on Saturday while I was being paid to drive some kids on a field trip. Nice work if you can get it. lol (grin) I am still working on the liberated Churn and dash quilt.
I have had requests lol to show my sewing cave. Everything is right here. I push the sewing machine back and cut fabric. If I am cutting larger pieces I have to move everything back. I have a ironing pad right to the left of my machine for pressing pieces and blocks right off the sewing machine.

I like to have a lot of colors around me when doing the liberated quilting. It takes me longer to work on a quilt than most because I will all of a sudden decide I want to make a different type of block. So as the inspiration hits I will make a Shu fly block, or a star etc.... just for a change then get back to the churn and dash. Yes I have ADHD when it comes to sewing lol Wanna ride bikes? lol I get in the ZONE and don't want to stop! DH will heat up food for me and throw it in the cave to keep me eating.

An yes you can barely see a corner of it but there is a tv on the right hand side. I listen not so much watch tv. I will DVR Nancy's Notions and Fons and Porter and watch them while I eat so I don't miss anything.
I will be MIA for a couple of days. I am going to mom's tomorrow for two days to "Play" in her fabric. We have two projects we are planning on this play date. I found a cute pattern to make pin cushions that look like chocolate cake pieces. This is something I think may sell at some of the shows. Then mom got a couple of new books with quilt as you go methods so we want to play with the methods.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Project Improve Quilt Blocks

I Made some blocks for the Project Improve charity quilts. This one is in Pink and Orange. Click on the button on the right and check this out. Here is Blue and Green block. I even cut into my beautiful fat quarter collections I got in Portland Or last year at The Market quilt show. I am a fabric hoarder and have such a hard time using certain fabrics.
I used a wonky house for the center of this Log cabinish block. These were fun to do.
I had to drive a field trip yesterday starting early early in the morning. Once I drop the kids I drove the bus over to Mom's and spent a few hours with her window shopping grand opening of a super Joann's. The line were so long we did not buy anything. I did not feel the sales were all that good. It was nice getting paid to spend time with mom lol.
Well I need to get off the computer and head back to the sewing cave. I need to relax and zone out on sewing. My baby boy is headed back to college. His spring break is over. He informed us he does not think he will be coming home this summer. Plans on staying up in Moscow Id. and finding a job. So I guess he REALLY is moving out. Now we FOR real have an empty nest. Hmm his room would make a nice Sewing Cave. hmmmthinking can you smell the rubber burning? lol