Friday, February 27, 2009

Started pieced letter quilt

I have been spending quite a bit of time here on the blogs. I found a very nice lady Tonya of Lazygalquilting She has some very nice and easy tutorials for makeing free-pieced letters. Her blog has inspired me to make a wall quilt for each of my grown children decribeing them with a bunch of words over lapping and going differnt directions. I got this part made in just one night.

Tonya also has some good ideas for hand quilting. So I am also hand quilting because of her too. You need to check out her blog. I like her philosophy of No Quilting Police and it should be fun! We had some wild weather yesterday! Wind, lightning, hail and down pours. Typical Spring storms but very early for February. Then today is it all sun. Turned back to being cold 22 degrees this morning but at least there is sun Glorious Sun!

Here is the Old Gentleman of the farm, Champ. I used to breed Golden Retreivers many years ago. Champ is my last golden left. He is now a house dog. Loves to lay in front of the pellet stove. We have to put the coffee table up against the couch at night when we go to bed or that is where he is in the morning.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sewing Cave is calling my name!

I have been hand quilting and my sewing machine is getting lonely. Or maybe it is the scraps calling my name.
At the local quilt store they sell grab bags of scraps and end cuts. I just can not resist them.
So I started play with scraps and makeing liberated stars and simple 9 patches.

Don't have a clue what I am going to do with them.

Just playing in the fabric.

I was trying to catch a picture of a real bright short rainbow out the front door. At least the snow is gone things are muddy, no green showing yet but soon!
As you can see by this ADHD type post my mind is just scattered all over the place. A light bulb came on in my head this morning while driveing my early morning bus route. I would like to make a couple of wall quilts. One for each of my kids useing Tonyas pieced letters.
The kids name on the top then random placed words decribeing them. example Missy is..... Amazing, Awsome, The Princess, Loved ect. in real bright BRIGHT fabrics. (her kitchen is the brightest wake you up in the morning wild green you have ever seen. Then she painted a floesent pink stripe around the room Monday) It will really pop your eyes. Now the College son hmm..... Have to find the right colors for him. I am haveing a harder time with his. (he doesn't know what colors he likes. He still will not buy his own clothes. Mom still has to do it or he will take a couple of girl friends (they are ONLY friends mom) to shop for him.) So Please help me ladies figure some colors for a Jr in college going pre med that has a sense of humor, and wrote an essay his freshman year of college that got me picked as MOM of the year for the Univercity of Idaho.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Finished a Series of books by Anne McCaffrey

Last Fall I bought a big box of books at church charity booth at a flea market. It had all the Dragon Riders of Pern books in it. Like 16 of them. I had read some of them long long ago. First one I beleive I was still in high school.
In October I went to Ireland with my parents for a month. I brought the first book, a great big book from this series (I think it had 3 books in it) to read with me. I had taken the dust cover off of it because I did not want to damage it in and out of my luggage. Well after I got home I put the dust cover back on and read the blurb about the author Anne McCaffrey. I could have kicked myself. She LIVES in Ireland in the hill of Wicklow County. I WAS THERE! If I had known I would have looked her up and checked out her stables.
I love this author. I have read almost all her other books too. Many of her books have strong women characters. Anyways I have just finished the whole Dragon riders of Pern series all 16 or so books. I am going to miss this world. It makes me sad.
Well I need to find another series to read.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Frustation in the Sewing Cave!

I am so frustated with the size of my sewing cave. Now I know why I have been doing so much raggy quilting. I just do not have the room to put the batting, backing and basting pins in the bright quilt. I have tried but can't do it without wrinkles. So I guess I will take it to work with me tomorrow and spread it out on the big tables in the drivers lounge after my morning routes. Before I had "the Cave" and was sewing on the coffee table I used to do all my fabric cutting at work. lol
Well I guess I will work on another quilt I have. It is alot tamer than the bright and not quite so liberated. Some pretty Moda fabrics. Simple 9 patch blocks with a green sashing. Or maybe turn them on point for a different look. hmmm I'm not a planner, fabric and quilts talk to me as I'm makeing them. That is why I have such a hard time useing patterns. I cook the same can't use a reciepe. lol