Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting frustated in the Cave!

It is so pretty out today. Yesterday hit 52 degrees. First t-shirt day of the season. I worked on cleaning mud out of the bus. I will probley get better fuel milage in the school bus now that I washed pounds of mud off the outside and shoveled out pounds of mud and gravel from the inside, and I can see out the windows lol. Too bad weather man says snain (rain snow mix or he isn't sure what) for Monday.

I worked on my quilt top inspired by Collaborative quilting by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston. I can see why two people need to work on this. I am tired of doing all the small parts. lol Or maybe it was Friday and I stayed up too long last night working on it.

Well I need to finish up my computer time find somthing fun to watch on the DVR menu and get back to sewing. I don't EVEN want to look outside at the sunshine. Ta ta for now

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  1. funny, I love working on all the small parts, it's the putting them together into big ones I get bored with. woohoo 52!