Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two tickets to Paradise

My wonderful Daughter won some tickets to an Eddie Money concert on the Radio and gave them to her old fogy parents. lol I had to get on line to see if I could remember his music. If you have your sound on you can hear a couple of songs of his. We had a great time. The lead guitarist can still play, Eddie himself can really thrill me with the sax still. Dh and I love horns not matter what.
We went down to Boise a little early to visit with my folks before the concert. Mom has been volunteering at a thrift store in the fabric dept. (go figure lol) she is their best customer. She picked up some very interesting fabrics for me too.

This Toile piece below just might make it in the mail to a friend of mine who collects toiles. so if she is reading this she knows. (hee hee)

most of these pieces are from out of the country, England, Africa, china, India ect...

The fabric in the first picture is 100% silk from China. I want to make a pretty pillow for my bed with cording and or rich looking gold fringe. Don't know what I will do with the rest but my creative juices are flowing.


  1. The one under the toille looks a lot like some I am almost out of. Have used bits and pieces of it in several quilts! Great fabrics!

  2. Very interesting fabric. It will be interesting to see how you use them. Yes it is a shame to get old and not be able to remember. I am glad you had a good time at the concert.

  3. All the fabrics look sensational!

    My favorite Eddie Money tune is kind of a sad one called "I'll Get By". I remember hearing it one day (well over 10 years ago) in the car with a friend, and just launching into tears over the breakup of a great love of my life. I still get misty eyed whenever I hear it...

    I'm working on some pinwheels, Trish! Will post about it within the next week!

  4. Looks like you scored some great fabrics! They would definitely get MY creative juices flowing. How sweet of your Mom!

    Glad you enjoyed the EM concert. That was so nice of your daughter to share! What, she didn't know who Eddy Money is?? *grin*

  5. Love the music! Also like the peace quilt in your profile-I have been wanting to do a series of peace quilts. I've got the ideas-now I need the time!