Friday, July 24, 2009

Going Camping

Every summer since my children were about 8 yrs old they have been going to Camp Hodia. It is a camp for kids with diabetes up in the Stanley, Sun Valley Idaho area. For quite a few years they went on scholarships (no child is turned away because of inability to pay) as we could not come up with the $250.00 to $350.00 each for them to camp. It was wonderful for them to learn to deal with this disease and that they are not the only ones. Now as adults both kids go back as staff. The staff is made up of all volunteer doctors, nurses and people that have been dealing with diabetes. Last week I was asked to come on board as the kitchen go between to help the camp kitchen staff work with the dietitians meal plans, carb counting, put together cabin snack packs and do the gluten free meals.
My son is coming down from college tonight to drive up to camp with me. I am so excited.
I sewed this little lap throw quilt top to take with me to camp so I can do some hand quilting to keep my hands busy at times. Well maybe if I have time. lol I will be back in a little over a week with lots of pictures.

If you are interested in learning more about type I diabetes or Camp Hodia and all their camps for three different age groups and ski camp you can go to


  1. I hope you have fun at camp, Trish!

  2. Sounds like you will be very busy and have a lot of fun at the same time. My bet is that you will not get much quilting time.

  3. How wonderful you are going with the "kids" this year! It will be fun to get away with them and to be around all that activity of the campers.

    Have fun! Can't wait to see the lap quilt quilted!

  4. Thanks for the journey through your Blog. I enjoyed it!