Sunday, April 5, 2009

A little bragging today!

I finished sewing all the sashing and put a bright border of cherries on this quilt top. I love it. Next week I will have to piece together a backing get batting then take it to work to use the big tables to get it based. I bought some spray basting a while ago and haven't used it yet. Anyone else use it? I would also like to thank everyone for their comments and encouragement. Well what I really wanted to brag about is my lovely daughter. Today is her 23rd birthday and I have been doing some reminiscing. She was my first pregnancy. I had toxemia and my grandmother had died the day before she was born. I felt a little scratch scratch inside on my left side and my water broke just a little bit. I told my dh and he jumped out of bed and brought me a stack of towels thinking it would be like a hot water heater flooding. lol

No big contractions so I sent him back to bed and I sat up waiting for a few hours. Finally went to the hospital in the morning and was induced. The child just refused to be born. By evening they decided to do a c-section. It was a stormy April night and during the operation the lights went out in the operating room....and didn't come back on.... Doctor finally asked the nurse to get a flashlight because he was touching the baby but wanted to see. Flashlight, baby born, lights came on finally.

Dd and I both were sick with a strep infection. So I did not get to bring her home for a couple of weeks. Pumping breast milk from congested breast was a joke. ( I later in life had a 300 head goat dairy and really felt for those poor does that had congested udders lol) Finally got her home then had shingles so bad I thought I was being skinned alive. I had worked so hard at pumping breast milk there was NO WAY! I was going to stop breast feeding to take pain pills. I got rid of the painful part of shingles with my mind in two weeks time. grrr.

My dear daughter has had her ups and downs. The day before her 9th birthday she was diagnosed with type I diabetes. ( her little brother had been diabetic for 6 years already she knew what was involved)
She started losing patches of hair about a year later. Her doctor told her she was pulling it out. For quite a few years we were able to hide the bald spots.(turned out to be alopecia totalis. she has no body hair) By the middle of her sophomore year in high school she could not hide it anymore so we shaved what was left off and she wore funky hats and bandannas. We had gotten her a wig. She did not like it, it was fake and everyone knew she was bald so why hide it. In her middle school year book she was pictured as girl with the prettiest hair so for high school she got all her friends to nominate her for it again and the boy that won with her wore a fake bald head to be pictured with her. I brought her up laugh at yourself first before others do.

We had our normal mother daughter problems near the end of high school and after. She went to the local community college and messed up and dropped out. Moved in with a boyfriend they are still together 4 1/2 years later (he also came with two children so I was made an instant grandmother) She got her CNA and started working at the local hospital in the CCU. Plus working two or three other seasonal jobs. She is now in charge of the diabetes support groups and education at the hospital and volunteers at Camp Hodia every summer (a diabetes camp for kids) She just started back going to college last week. I am so VERY Proud of her!

Her brother goes to college at the University of Idaho about a 5 hour drive away. My daughter and I have driven up there for Mom's weekend every year. I love have all that one on one time together with her. We are going again this year in two weeks. Knowing my daughter as an adult is one of the most wonderful things in my life. She is a super wonderful person I am so proud to know.

She loves to take pictures of herself. lol So many things to overcome and she has so much confidence.


  1. That's quite a child bearing story, flashlights and all! Wow! But from the picture, despite the delivery and the many ups and downs over the years, I can see she has turned out to be a lovely young woman. I'm still going through some ups and downs with my 15 year old son!

    Your quilt came out beautiful, and I really like the bright border.

    I am a spray baste goddess (laughing)! Some tips: Go sparingly with a spray baste, as most people tend to over do it. Your quilt and backing already have some cling to them to adhere to the batting, so spray lightly in a well ventilated area.

    You can cut up trash bags and set them underneath when spraying, so the spray doesn't land anywhere you don't want it.

    What I like to do is cut my batting slightly bigger. Lay the quilt on top and smooth it out. Now, fold the quilt on itself, exposing half the batting. Spray lightly on the exposed batting. Unfold the quilt back into place over the sprayed area, and smooth out. Repeat for the other half of the quilt. Then, flip it over and do the same with the backing. Some people try to roll their quilt onto the spray basted batting, but I find it messy. The folding/unfolding method is so much easier, and any students I have had who I taught it to, were in awe of how easy it is!

    Sorry for the extra long comment, but wanted to help with some tips!

  2. Bebe is a wonderful daughter also, She is her mother's best friend. I could go on and on. I think she is a great person and has done a great job with her children.


  3. Congratulations on your quilt! I love the cherries border! Your daugther is fortunate to have a Mother like you, and thanks for sharing her story. Loved it.

    The quilt basting spray is wonderful. If you wear glasses, take them off..when using it, as I ruined a pair the first time I used it in a "closed-in" room. I agree with Beena...use less than you think.

  4. Love your quilt and love the way you have told us your story. Thanks.

  5. Leaving my response to your question here on your blog!
    I have 3 sewing machines...a New Home that is about 13 years old on which I do all my free motion quilting, a BabyLock which I love but just use for piecing and decorative stitching, and get this (hanging head in shame) a Voyager 17 which has sat in the box for over a year that I'm still making payments on.

  6. Beautiful quilt and beautiful daughter!! What a great story. It proves that great things don't always come easy, but they are worth the hassle!!

  7. What a beautiful and strong daughter you have! Lucky you! And lucky her, for a mom that honors her so well!
    I hope she has a new year full of blessings!

  8. What a wonderful story! You and your daughter are verb blessed.

  9. I found your blog today just in time to read your great story. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  10. what a wonderful post....thanks so much for sharing!!

    good choice on your quilt border!!

  11. Nice post! I have a 24 year old daughter (step) whom I love to death. She is just now starting back to college too.

  12. Give a child enough love and they will turn out fine (just in their own time!) Both my children have health issues and haven't taken a conventional path, but it makes it all the sweeter when they finally get there. Your DD sounds wonderful. Happy birthday to her!