Thursday, April 9, 2009

Funky Chicken and Liberated twisted Stars

My friend Shannon at Fabrics N Quilts an I have been on line friends for a couple of years. She posted this quilt at And has a nice tutorial on it. It impressed me and inspired me to make one like it. Then a little over a week ago another blogger The Patchery Menagerie Couldn't sleep one night and started making one like this only her triangles were wonky. I REALLY liked it. So I got busy and started making this quilt top. I added my trademark Funky chicken in the middle. I think this would make a great kids quilt or wall hanging. It measures 42" X 46". I talked it over with Shannon about what she liked and didn't like about her quilt. She helped me with the idea to put triangles into the boarder so the stars are not just cut off.
I love the colors. It is bright and happy.
Some of you that have been following my blog know by now I am procrastinating on machine quilting anything. lol I just keep making quilt tops. Yes I am so afraid to quilt them, I might mess them up am indecisive on how I want to quilt them. I know I know I will quilt them.
Did anyone watch House on Monday? Oh my it was a good one. Made me cry. Meatloaf was in it too. Well right now I'm watching a DVR of Fringe. Back to the new ones. TV is frustrating me. All my shows have been reruns. I do plan on watching the new Southland that starts tonight in ER's place. Well I will DVR it.


  1. ...*LOL* crack me up about machine quilting your quilts....I'm the same way.....I have only hand quilted on mine, but that method is slow and the quilt tops are piling up!!!
    Your chicken looks soooo prissy!!!

  2. This is great! I love the way quilters influence each other, and I happy you shared your quilt. It's just great! How big are the individual squares?

    I love your border.

  3. Another winner!! I so love that chicken and it adds the perfect whimsical touch to the quilt. Great job!

  4. I had seen in a magazine years ago directions for making a quilt with skewed stars similar to this....but NEVER (laughing) with the cute chicken in the center! What a great quilt, not only for kids, but for grown ups looking for something to laugh about! I bet you smile everytime you see it! I think it's adorable.

    I watched House on Monday (agree, good episode), Fringe on Tuesday (glad it's back), LOST on Wednesday (my favorite show), and tonight watched that new Harper's Island show. I liked the new show, but will next time record and watch during the day...too creepy to watch before bed!

  5. Love it! It's a great happy quilt, and that chicken cracks me up! Oh, and I love that Banana Phone song - what a hoot!

  6. Turned out great! Love the chicken & the border!