Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pictures around the farm.

Home Sweet Home. It was real stormy yesterday. I took this picture from the mailbox when I got home from work yesterday. I AM ready for something green. Here is my bus. 10 minutes after this picture was taken it was blowing rain and hale sideways. Of course it had to wait till the kids were getting out of school and on the bus. The all smelled like wet dogs mixed with peanut butter. lol boy was the hale noisy hitting the roof of the bus. Kids were real quiet with BIG EYES!
The night before we had bad winds. It blew this sprinkler wheel line across this field. I would not have thought that there was enough silhouette to blow it, and they are not exactly light.

Only thing stopping the wheel line from being in the road is the telephone poles. Actually bent the sprinkler pipes.

I wonder if farm insurance will cover this.

Sorry no pictures of sewing. I am sewing but nothing to show yet. Loving the newly cleaned up Sewing Cave.


  1. Wow! Now that was some strong winds.

  2. The bus ride with the kids sounds like quite an adventure! I will sure bet home is that much sweeter and cozier after a ride like that, a storm like that.

    Still envious of your very organized sewing cave...(sigh) I've got some spring cleaning to do!

  3. Hope that winter is over very soon, I am looking forward to lots of green grass and trees of green leaves. We have been having gray rainy days here too.