Sunday, March 29, 2009

Organizeing sewing Cave

OMG! This is ridiculus! I had NO idea! Two days ago I started organizeing my fabric stash and had no clue what I had. This picture is the top drawer only fat quarters. I still have more fabric to fold and scraps to organize. Two large bins.
Here are more fabrics folded that need a drawer.

Six drawers full and I need to go get another one of these three drawer units. I had fabric stashed in bags and bins all over. I CAN not buy any more fabric! Only problem is most of my stash is one yard cuts or smaller so I do need larger pieces for backing. hmmm. I do have a couple of bolts of fabric in the other room but it is too nice to use as backing.

Organizing fabric stashI haven't organized by color yet. I'm just lucky to get everything together in one place. lol I now am going to take a pledge to make items only useing scraps and crumbs like Bonnie from


  1. Also you can use up fabric that you no longer want to store by piecing backs, another idea from Bonnie. I started doing more of this lately and it helps get the fabric moving in the right direction. I am still afraid to orginize my fabric stash, but maybe in April when my DH is on a company training trip to Ohio. That way he will not suffer through the mess of the

  2. Your sewing cave does not look like a cave even before the organizing. Looks great.

  3. The trouble is that even with a lot of fabric, you start a new project and need something you don't already have! So you go shopping, and then buy what you needed along with a few other goodies that caught your eye!!! But your cave really does look organized.

    My fabric is all in huge clear plastic storage tubs. I have 2 that are primarily solids and batiks, and 2 that are for prints.I also have a tub for non-cotton fabrics and silks. Another tub has UFO's, and still another some finished projects. Then, there's another tub of scraps. Of course anytime I need something, it will be on the tub on the bottom. By the time I heft these heavy tubs around to get at what I want, I'm usually so exhausted I put off the sewing! It's insidious!

  4. Ha ha ha - your sewing cave looks like my mom's craft room (and she never actually learned to quilt!). It gave me a good laugh.
    Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments about Ireland! Yes - we are already trying to figure out when we can go back on our own, rent a car, and travel through the countryside. I loved the people there - and would love to spend more time chatting with the locals!
    So much to do... So little time (and money)... But we'll find a way! :)

  5. Fabric just jumps in your cart and wants to be taken home????!!!!! That's too funny! Sounds like the perfect explanation to tell a husband...(laughing)

    Have you ever thought about selling your finished goodies on ETSY? A lot more practical than eBay...

  6. Looks great! Now that yours is finished, you can come & do mine...(since you are such an expert at doing it, now!)