Monday, May 11, 2009

Face to Face meeting!

Marj Aka Eclectic Quilter Came to Idaho to go on a quilting retreat with a friend of her's. she blogged about her trip before hand so we set up a time to meet. It was interesting to meet someone face to face that I only have own from her blog. My Mother came too and took this picture of us, Marj on the left me on the right. She is planning on coming back again next year so maybe we (mom and I) can go on the retreat too. It was fun.I'm sure when she gets back home she will blog about her retreat and the quilt show she went to.


  1. How fun to get to meet a fellow quilt blogger! I often wonder if someday I'll get to personally meet some of the quilting bloggers I've met on line.

  2. I finially turned on the sound while on your site, very uplifting. I am now home safe & sound. Love all the batiks that you are working with.