Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mushroom bag, silly cats and spring storm

I had a special order for this raggy tote. A friend of my daughters wanted a mushroom bag in greens. It still needs to be washed to get raggyer. Notice the stitching I did on the straps. Back to kindergarten cutting out shapes.
I used fusible scraps to baste the inside, batting and front together. Worked really well and not pins to pick me.

Blanket stitching the mushrooms raw edges down.

I put a pocket in it, and Velcro to hold it closed.

I did some I did some fun free motion quilting on the back with bright green thread.

I brought in one of the cats from out side because she was in heat and I don't want more kittens. I hope next month to budget to get her fixed. She is so funny rolling around.

Here is my indoor cat Princess hunting worms after the spring storm.

The spring storms make some amazing pictures. The storm is behind me just coming in.

Here the storm is just pouring but the sun shinning on the other side.

It was just pouring here. Everything is so green and reminds me of Ireland!


  1. That's one wild mushroom tote! And I like your crazy meandering/stippling for it in bright green thread!

    Send some rain this way. We're having a drought!

  2. Today is an indoor day due to the mushroom bag! Our favorite Pizza place is called the Mellow Mushroom...