Thursday, July 2, 2009

Great Giveaway!

Today in my 26th wedding anniversary. There are days when I wish I could leave him on the side of the road. (wait I think I have done that, Darn it he remembered his address) Some day I may have to pull out a baseball bat to get him to eat his poison mushrooms. lol all in fun! I have had him longer than his parents did so I guess I have him trained, it is still a work in progress. (He did bring me chocolate today) He did give me two wonderful children. So he does have some redeeming features.

He can cook, does laundry, dishes, mows the lawn, takes out the trash, checks the oil in my car, feeds the animals and holds up my quilts to be photographed. I guess it would cost too much to replace him! I love you baby!
A good friend of mine from another on line quilt group I belong to is having an awesome giveaway. Go check out her blog to learn more about it!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like he's a keeper, and thanks for posting about my giveaway.

  2. Happy 26th Anniversary! Sounds like you two have it worked out pretty good :)