Monday, April 27, 2009

Pink Lemonade

Beena Named this quilt for me when I just had the blocks. Pink Lemonade! Thank you! I did not like this quilt as I was making it. Oh I liked the individual blocks but I thought they were so blah on the design wall. I missed them with a charm pack, and other 5" blocks and just couldn't get inspired. When I added these borders I fell in love with it. There was contrast! Pink Lemonade it became. Beena nailed it and put me in mind of the green leaf fabric I had. I am thinking of just putting a pale yellow flannel on the back to quilt this with no batting ( since I have no batting in the house and a pile of flimsy tops yelling at me to finish) As a light weight summer throw I don't really want it to be too heavy.
As soon as I finished that one I was looking at Bonnies and so started playing with crumbs. I never thought of chaining them.

Chaining the crumbs really makes it go so much faster.

Here is my mess and some crumbs chained together. I keep my iron right next to my machine and press right away.

Something totally off topic, I belong to and just received a new Stephen King book. Duma key. I did not even know he had written another book.


  1. I love the pink lemonade quilt! So happy and cheerful!

  2. I love the border you added! A great place for some quilt stitches! I think it's funny you named it "Pink Lemonade". It really does make me think of a refreshing glass of it on a hot summer day!

    I love the other quilt you are working on, too. Explosive fun colors and wonky shapes!

    Dumas Key is a really great read. I was so sick with the flu when I read it, and needed a distraction from being so miserable! And it worked! I sure forgot all about being sick! (laughing) Stephen King sure can take your mind away from your own troubles. Of course, if you're up late and you get the creeps from every little noise you hear outside, you can thank him for that sometimes, too! (laughing)

  3. "Needful Things". That's the book that gave me nightmares for weeks. I thought I would have to sleep with the lights on for the rest of my life!

  4. I love Bonnie's crumb system. The trouble is that it gets addictive and I can't stop!

    Lovely stars.

  5. Wow, the borders you added just made those blocks come to life, didn't they?! What a great quilt!
    And your crumb blocks are fun. I think all the house shapes you put in them are quite clever! Bonnie's system is very addictive!

  6. congrats on the quilt top - woohoo. I love those crumbs - beautiful bright happy colors. i think Stephen King has an even newer book out in hardback. for a man who said he wasn't going to write any more books, he's sure been prolific.

  7. Love the Pink Lemonade! The green border really livens up the center.

    You are going to turn those crumbs back to bread I think!