Monday, March 23, 2009

Churn and Dash and the sewing Cave!

Here are some remnant I bought while shopping with mom on Saturday while I was being paid to drive some kids on a field trip. Nice work if you can get it. lol (grin) I am still working on the liberated Churn and dash quilt.
I have had requests lol to show my sewing cave. Everything is right here. I push the sewing machine back and cut fabric. If I am cutting larger pieces I have to move everything back. I have a ironing pad right to the left of my machine for pressing pieces and blocks right off the sewing machine.

I like to have a lot of colors around me when doing the liberated quilting. It takes me longer to work on a quilt than most because I will all of a sudden decide I want to make a different type of block. So as the inspiration hits I will make a Shu fly block, or a star etc.... just for a change then get back to the churn and dash. Yes I have ADHD when it comes to sewing lol Wanna ride bikes? lol I get in the ZONE and don't want to stop! DH will heat up food for me and throw it in the cave to keep me eating.

An yes you can barely see a corner of it but there is a tv on the right hand side. I listen not so much watch tv. I will DVR Nancy's Notions and Fons and Porter and watch them while I eat so I don't miss anything.
I will be MIA for a couple of days. I am going to mom's tomorrow for two days to "Play" in her fabric. We have two projects we are planning on this play date. I found a cute pattern to make pin cushions that look like chocolate cake pieces. This is something I think may sell at some of the shows. Then mom got a couple of new books with quilt as you go methods so we want to play with the methods.


  1. I'm loving the churn dash. I am glad to hear of another person who needs to work on more than one thing at a time. I also have times when I just have to finish a project before I can do anything else. Have fun at your Moms house. Let us know how the quilt as you go turns out.

  2. I really like your churn dash quilt, too! Bright, and a nice updated twist to the design. Looks like you found some great remnants on your field trip. I love that red one on top!

  3. Hello the churndashes!!