Friday, March 27, 2009

Sewing retreat with Mom!

Well I'm back from my Two day sewing retreat that turned into three days at my mom's! We banished Dad for those days.
Here was day one chef salads and a couple beers.
Here is what happens when fabric is not contained in the sewing cave.

Now I remember why I like the freedom of liberated quilting. Following instructions is not my thing. So mom read the recipe and I cut.

They are not quilt finished, need a flower and leaves on top and to be filled with bird grit. This little pin cushion piece of cake was NOT a piece of cake to make.

So after following the rules on the cake we decided to play with some new applique patterns by Florine Johnson Designs . This one is Radical Rooster Rowdy. MY mom did this one .

This one is Radical Rooster Rock I did him. Now you know why fabric was scattered everywhere as we were trying to find just the right "feathers" Funny how mom went with the bright colors and I was the one that went with more understated colors.

We also talked and watch TV and went shopping and ate and ate and had a great time. I'm so glad my mom is my best friend.


  1. Fabulous. That sounds like so much fun, and I love everything you made. WTG, having such a great relationship with your mom. You're lucky.

  2. Looks like you had a realy fun time sewing with your Mom. My Mom lives in Ohio and we get together at least twice a year to sew and go to quilt shops there. The slice of cake pin cusions look like fun. I'm glad to see that you enjoyed making the roosters.

  3. LOVE the roosters!!!! Glad you had a good time!!

  4. Cute cake pin cushions and beautiful roosters! I love the colors in the roosters.
    I designed a pattern for tea/coffee cup pin cushions a few years back. I should pick up a pattern for these cake slices, and make a couple to go with some of my tea cups! The cake slices are adorable.