Sunday, March 22, 2009

Project Improve Quilt Blocks

I Made some blocks for the Project Improve charity quilts. This one is in Pink and Orange. Click on the button on the right and check this out. Here is Blue and Green block. I even cut into my beautiful fat quarter collections I got in Portland Or last year at The Market quilt show. I am a fabric hoarder and have such a hard time using certain fabrics.
I used a wonky house for the center of this Log cabinish block. These were fun to do.
I had to drive a field trip yesterday starting early early in the morning. Once I drop the kids I drove the bus over to Mom's and spent a few hours with her window shopping grand opening of a super Joann's. The line were so long we did not buy anything. I did not feel the sales were all that good. It was nice getting paid to spend time with mom lol.
Well I need to get off the computer and head back to the sewing cave. I need to relax and zone out on sewing. My baby boy is headed back to college. His spring break is over. He informed us he does not think he will be coming home this summer. Plans on staying up in Moscow Id. and finding a job. So I guess he REALLY is moving out. Now we FOR real have an empty nest. Hmm his room would make a nice Sewing Cave. hmmmthinking can you smell the rubber burning? lol


  1. Good! My son did that too! And I turned his room into my sewing room too! Don't be too quick about it, though. Mine moved back for a few months after he graduated from college. I didn't make the room a sewing room until he moved out for "real" at the end of that year, though.

  2. great job on the blocks! I've decided it's better to sew with the fabric while you love it rather than letting it sit in the stash until you say "what was I thinking?".....