Sunday, April 12, 2009

Beautiful Spring!

So Happy Easter, Passover, Spring! We went over to my daughters house today! They sent her home from work today at the hospital to be "on call" not many costumers in the CCU. She did not have the step kids this weekend so we did not plan anything for Easter. The first Lawn cutting of the season is too thick at her house for her small lawn mower. So her Daddy brought over the ridding mower to cut her lawn. I had some left over enchiladas to reheat and so we put together a nice little lunch. This is a huge Apricot tree in her yard. My goodness it is going to be a bumper crop this year. The tree buzzes with bees. Millions of them.
I had to snap this picture of one of her cats Micheal

Dear daughter loves to play with my camera. Here is her spoiled dog Splinter.

She also brought out all her house plants to hose off the dust and give them so good sun. This geranium made it through the winter on the back screened in porch.

Like I said she likes to play with the camera and take pictures of herself. lol

I only put a few of the pictures of her on. lol

And of course her Dog!
Well I soaked up my Vitamin D today. Helped (by watching lol) Dh bucket out one of the pounds and clean it up. there were still gold fish alive. They are a couple years old. Just cheap walmart fish now about 5" long. Oh I did hold the hose as I refilled it. Well I guess I did enough now back to the sewing cave. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Sounds like a perfect day...

  2. Sounds and looks like you had a really nice Easter.

  3. I've never seen so much blossom as I have this year. Our trees are covered.

    Sounds as if you had a nice relaxing day.

  4. That looks like a perfect day in the spring sun! How fun!

    Now it's time to whip it, whip it good ;)

  5. I thought up a swap to do, I hope you will join it. I should have it posted in a few days. It will be so much fun, and Christina over at the Sometimes crafter mad a button for me already. I can't wait to show you. Sorry it took me so long to come up with something.

  6. Those Walmart feeder fish are the best! We had one that got huge and lived for 6 years! He just died this fall. Who would have guessed a 5 cent fish would live for so long. :)

  7. Looks like you had a great day - you have Spring! (we don't quite yet). How cute that your DD takes her own pictures! *smile* Love it!