Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mom's weekend Friday night and a Quilt show!

Go west young women go west! And a little bit or rather quite a bit North! lol Early Friday morning Dear Daughter Missy and I hit the road for Moscow Idaho! Where Dh booked us into what we told him to a "cheaper motel" But he did not need to actually look for "hole in the wall" lol The sheets and shower curtain were tie dyed. lol Well it was at least clean. No coffee maker, blow drier, shampoo, but a place to lay my head.
For this evenings entertainment Dd is making some kind of fancy dancy drink for us with cherry vodka and coconut run. hmmm? I even owned a bar (beer and wine) and grill and have never been a big drinker or bar person since I went to college here. oh no! Tonight is the big party night. I'm in the room to take a nap while the kids are frisbee golfing.

We went to one of my son's friends house for breakfast. The roommates were supposed to cook belgian waffles and stuff. Their moms came too. None of us moms would cook. So everyone had to get out of bed. My son who did not even live there did the cooking. lol and no waffles oh well. We had a lot of laughs telling stories about our boys.

At least there was Bacon Missy's favorite!

Last night we played trivia pursuit and drank a little. lol my son is the one with the beard behind me. Some drank more than others.

My two kids in the middle. Little lady on the left is another mom I see every year.

I did go to a quilt show today and picked up a few fat quarters. Fat Quarters don't count against the No Fabric Buying Resolution. lol

I took some pictures of some quilts and will put more on in other posts. This quilt is the only one that had any liberated type quilting.

I liked this one because of the scrappy pieced border.

It had a little bit of everything else too and love the black and white contrast.

I loved these triangles and want to make one like this.
Well I will get back on with further posts if possible. I need to take a nap so I can survive the night.


  1. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun on your road trip! I love the quilt with the triangles, too!

  2. these quilts...!!!!