Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring and stars

I haven't been posting much in this last week,. Just lurking around reading everyone Else's blogs. There are some very talented people out there. I love the quilt Reading out loud Quilt! Some nice give a ways, and I am so glad Tonya's Pokey is not letting her sew much. lol There is a small quilt fabric store in town that sells grab bags of scraps. I decided to do something with some scraps. Here I have made some stars and don't know what to do with them. I have been just making these till the inspiration hits me to do something grand.
I snapped this picture one morning on my way to work. It is the sun shinning through a sprinkler wheel line.

The cherry orchard just burst into bloom over night. Bees swarming all over the orchard just sings with their buzzing.

It smells so good but really makes my nose itch like crazy. I did not know I had allergies till this year.


  1. Your wonky stars and the colors you've used remind me of pink lemonade on a hot summer day!!! A fun quilt!

    I'm sending you this link below because I think you ought to submit your sprinkler wheel line picture in the "Bathed in Light" photos they are showing on the "today's title" blog! It's a very striking photo that fits that theme perfectly.

    I know what you mean about allergies. I'll be driving home after dropping my son to school in the mornings, and the smell of flowers is amazing. But then, I'll start getting all choked up from my allergies and the pollen!!! Oy Vay!!!

  2. Congradulations on winning the drawing on I was just over there and saw your name as being drawn.
    The wonky stars are looking good and I am looking forward to see what you do with them. Happy Spring, the cherry blossoms are beautiful.

  3. I'm darn happy about Pokey too! love the stars and those cherry blossoms are beautiful. you're lucky to not have had allergies until now - they're the bane of my existence and have been for many years.

  4. Well OK!!! I'm ALL ABOUT the stars. W-A-Y cute....LOVE the one in the first picture-top left hand it missing a 'leg'..??? Great colors too!

  5. Luv the stars!!! Wonky is always better, I think!! It's such a fun quilt and makes me smile. And congrats on winning the prize on the Quilts on a Budget blog!! Way to go!!!

  6. I love your wonky stars and blocks - what great colors you're using!

    Yeah, I've been lurking too. My head is fuzzy with the allergies (ugh) and usually can't think of anything intelligent to say. My red car is now yellow, due to the pollen the fir trees are spewing. And the worst is still to come!

    Your sprinkler photo is amazing!