Monday, February 23, 2009

Finished a Series of books by Anne McCaffrey

Last Fall I bought a big box of books at church charity booth at a flea market. It had all the Dragon Riders of Pern books in it. Like 16 of them. I had read some of them long long ago. First one I beleive I was still in high school.
In October I went to Ireland with my parents for a month. I brought the first book, a great big book from this series (I think it had 3 books in it) to read with me. I had taken the dust cover off of it because I did not want to damage it in and out of my luggage. Well after I got home I put the dust cover back on and read the blurb about the author Anne McCaffrey. I could have kicked myself. She LIVES in Ireland in the hill of Wicklow County. I WAS THERE! If I had known I would have looked her up and checked out her stables.
I love this author. I have read almost all her other books too. Many of her books have strong women characters. Anyways I have just finished the whole Dragon riders of Pern series all 16 or so books. I am going to miss this world. It makes me sad.
Well I need to find another series to read.

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