Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sewing Cave is calling my name!

I have been hand quilting and my sewing machine is getting lonely. Or maybe it is the scraps calling my name.
At the local quilt store they sell grab bags of scraps and end cuts. I just can not resist them.
So I started play with scraps and makeing liberated stars and simple 9 patches.

Don't have a clue what I am going to do with them.

Just playing in the fabric.

I was trying to catch a picture of a real bright short rainbow out the front door. At least the snow is gone things are muddy, no green showing yet but soon!
As you can see by this ADHD type post my mind is just scattered all over the place. A light bulb came on in my head this morning while driveing my early morning bus route. I would like to make a couple of wall quilts. One for each of my kids useing Tonyas pieced letters.
The kids name on the top then random placed words decribeing them. example Missy is..... Amazing, Awsome, The Princess, Loved ect. in real bright BRIGHT fabrics. (her kitchen is the brightest wake you up in the morning wild green you have ever seen. Then she painted a floesent pink stripe around the room Monday) It will really pop your eyes. Now the College son hmm..... Have to find the right colors for him. I am haveing a harder time with his. (he doesn't know what colors he likes. He still will not buy his own clothes. Mom still has to do it or he will take a couple of girl friends (they are ONLY friends mom) to shop for him.) So Please help me ladies figure some colors for a Jr in college going pre med that has a sense of humor, and wrote an essay his freshman year of college that got me picked as MOM of the year for the Univercity of Idaho.


  1. Can I come play in your sewing cave? Pretty pleeeeease?

    For your son on colors, hmmmm. Maybe his school colors for now until he grads?

    I love your ADHD post, I feel like that every waking moment! LOL

  2. fun stars. the quilts for your kids sound wonderful. what would I make for a man who doesn't know what colors he likes? Maybe classic blue and white. Perhaps throw in some hints of purple and green....

  3. Love your freedom of "playing" with the colors & scraps! What fun!

    Colors for the college son?....I like the idea of a 2 color quilt and am partial to the classic blue & white. love the, just go for it!

    Have fun!

  4. can't go wrong with denim for boys. Then maybe white? ticking stripe? Go look at his closet and you will see what colors he is comfortable with. What about school colors?